“Yassou”….or should we say “Hello!”
We just thought we would give you some information about the resort so that you don’t miss any of the best bits…although  you would need a spare month to go through everything because there is so much to see, because you will only be here for 1 or 2 weeks so we will try to scale it down a bit!

Lets start at the beginning shall we …seems logical. What more could you wish for than a lazy day by the pool and here at the swimming pool  with sunbeds.So now lets turn our attention to the village of Kassiopi!Shall we??

Now as you come into the village you`ll notice an array of bars and restaurants. No doubt you`ll need to know the best places to go ..well that’s were we can help as we have been so kind and made sure we have sampled most of the treats from the restaurants and a few of the shandys from the bars! As you come down from the Michelangelo on the right hand side before the Alpha Bank cash point you see a traditional Greek Restaurant called Strofilia. We can recommend trying a selection of Starters and having a couple of  glasses of Greek wine , well why stop at just the one! But if you tend to like things a little bit more hot and spicy….theres a treat waiting for you at the Mexican Restaurant Tex Mex, its further up on the left hand side just before the kiosk (where you can buy your cigarettes from!)  The starters here are about the same size as a main course so maybe share one or if you are like us have one to yourself and a main course!! Nothing is a challenge! And its finished off very well with a warm liquer...the friendly staff there make it an enjoyable part of the night.
For a very romantic and relaxed evening meal tho a very exclusive restaurant looking over Kanoni Beach is Trilogia. Its very atmospheric and the type of place you would expect to get proposed to…in your dreams!! The menu is up market yet very reasonable and the quality of food and the service is second to none…you could either sit in the restaurant or sit across the very quite road under the canopy by candle light.We know it sounds like we`re making it up but it really is that nice. We are just waiting for George or Brad to take us  next time they are free.
Now if you are the type of person who likes to be told what you will have to eat then we recommend you visit the harbour restaurant that is called “Porto”!! There is Daniel  who will TELL you what to have…a man very passionate about the greek food and the good food!!
The selection of restaurants are many so we hope that’s given you a bit of an idea of were you might like to try ,we can guarantee you wont be disappointed wherever you choose. After a nice meal its always nice to have a few cocktails or glasses of wine to finish the evening off in style. Again just like the restaurants loads of  bars to choose from and yes we have kindly tried the majority out…we are very thoughtful like that!
In the square you have Jasmine Bar which is a place were you can chill out and people watch outside or most nights take part in karaoke…were you get a free shot after your mind blowing performance!! Further down from Jasmine on route to Kassiopi harbour you have Illusions which is on the left as you turn the corner into the harbour opposite a very nice gyros shop handy at the end of the night when you fancy a bite to eat !! Illusions has a variety of cocktails available ! And every night at ten you can take part in the Illusions Quiz…If your memory isn’t to blurred by the forth Long Island Cocktail you have just drunk!             
If you are looking for your Prince Charming or a suitor for your daughter the best place to visit is the The Harbour Bar!!And yes you guessed its situated on the harbour on the right. With tables outside and some comfy sofas inside and r.n.b and cool chilled out tunes playing here is were you get the well to do locals and yacht owners coming to relax and enjoy and evening out…well not their yachts if course …they belong to daddy!...A great way to relax and enjoy a drink before the club opens!
The club is to the right of Harbour  Bar and is called Passion and you can enjoy a dance or a maybe a foam party until the early hours of the morning!! In the harbour you will notice many boats sailing in  and out,sit down with a nice ice cream and enjoy the views by the water side. You can even get to Corfu Town by Boat from Kassiopi and have a nice swim stop on the way back.Perfect way to cool down. From the harbour you can get to some perfect little beach areas you have Kanoni  Beach (the one that Trilogia looks over) You have to walk to the left of the harbour for about ten minutes and you walk down some steps at a fab peaceful beach with sunloungers and umbrellas to hire,you`ll need the loungers as the beach like all beaches in kassiopi are pebbly. There is a beach just past Kassiopi square aswell ! You walk from the Michelangelo and you get to Jasmine and turn left you past the Pharmacy and another cash point(yes we actually have three in kassiopi the third is opposite Illusions!) Walk past a restaurant called Castello and past a few apartments and you see a yellow sign saying”Way to the beach” follow the sign and brings you into Kalamionas Beach. Again lots of sun beds and there are a couple of cafes and places to get ice creams from so you can find your best spot on either beach and totally chill out for the day !
There is  a beauty shop too which I think is a right royal god send! Have some nice costume jewellry in there which make great pressies for taking home.Its also handy if you have forgotten any toiletries from home. Unfortunately for clothes shopping there aren’t a great deal of shops but the ones we do have do have some nice dresses that you wont find anyone wearing at home and also nice bags and shoes. We noticed the other day that some of the shops have some very trendy mens  shorts and accessories too so everyone can treat themselves!You`ll find these clothes and gift shops just off the square to the left and on the way to the harbour. You must visit the little gift shop in the Harbour before the Hotel Kassimi were they do olive wood gifts ,its no wonder We are always out of cash because we cant resist buying from there ,you`ll be tempted too just wait! Well we hope this has been useful for you just wanted to give you a better idea of were you are staying any questions you know that myself or one of the team of Michelangelo village will be happy to answer them if we can…...if not we will definitely find the answer for you!!

Enjoy yourselves!

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